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Careers and Jobs

With our growth and business expansion, we need to attract and cultivate the best talents to join our team, which will bring new ideas, resources and energy to comefoo.

We will hire talents with special skills, such as product development specialists, website construction and maintenance, network marketing and promotion, supply chain procurement, logistics and transportation experts, tax planning experts, etc. We pursue excellence and look forward to the future. At the same time, we are loyal to our brand gene. They will thrive in comefoo and realize their self-worth.

Anyone who joins comefoo company must have the following important qualities.

1. Caring for others
We need to treat customers as family members. Our purpose is to solve their problems, relieve their pain and bring them health and longevity.

2. Integrity
Where there is no sunshine, it is dark. A mind without conscience is full of evil. You need to stick to your integrity and integrity without supervision.

3. Teamwork
We are a team. Only teamwork can realize everyone's dream. There is no way out if we fight alone.

4. Learning and innovation
Business elements such as industry, products and customers are changing every day. You need to keep learning, adapt to the environment, and have the spirit of innovation. Being conservative will only stop you.

If you are interested in the health industry, if you have the special work skills mentioned above, and if you have the above valuable qualities, please send an email to [email protected] , let's talk.